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Digital Marketing

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Find easily digital marketing courses online. You will find free courses about dropshipping, trading, SEO, marketing strategy, graphics optimization and more …


Digital marketing is the marketing of products or services, using digital technologies online, including via applications for mobile phones, display ads, social networks and any other digital medium. Digital marketing channels are systems operated on the Internet, that can create (for free or paid), accelerate and transmit the value of the product. This means from producer to end consumer through digital networks.

We can also see that this definition of digital marketing from Wikipedia, is focused on promoting products and services using digital media, rather than a global definition. It Does not cover customer experiences, developing relationships and emphasizing the importance of multichannel integration. So, for us, the scope of the term should include activities throughout the customer’s life cycle.

Digital marketing courses online for free

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Terme related to this topic, to make your e-learning experience better.

  • SEO : Search Engine Optimization : Optimization: All practices top optimize the natural referencing of your site (free)
  • SEA : Search Engine Advertising : Any form of paid advertising on search engines (Yahoo, Google Adwords, etc.)
  • SEM : Search Engine Marketing : Includes both natural and paid SEO (SEO + SEA)
  • SMO : Social Media Optimization : All practices for optimizing presence on social networks
  • SMA : Social Media Advertising : All the tools for creating paid advertising on social networks
  • SMM : Social Media Marketing : Includes all the promotion techniques via social networks (SMO + SMA)
  • L’affiliation : Affiliation aims to promote products and services by using what is offered by affiliate partners.
  • L’e-mailing : Emailing is a form of digital marketing that brings together all the uses of email in the field of online advertising.
  • Le SMS marketing : SMS marketing refers to the sending of short messages to prospects and for commercial purposes.