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WolvesHockey.net was created to keep our team members and fans up-to-date with the  latest action and scores from our games as well as other relevant Wolves Hockey news.  By including such info as the schedules, standings, dues  info and stats, we hope the site will be useful and informative.  Be sure to check out “Sheahan’s Corner” for comments on the last game and  for other helpful tips and instructions.


To join the Wolves, call Dan Melnick at 818-981-9777.

Hockey Definition of the week...

One Timer

one timer is an ice hockey shot that occurs when a player meets a teammate's pass with an immediate slapshot, without any attempt to control the puck on his stick. An effective one timer requires precise timing on the part of both players involved, especially the shooter. This play often results in a good chance at a goal. A wrist shot can also be done on a one-timer, though the puck is released far slower than a slapshot one-timer.

The effectiveness of the one timer comes from three things:

  1. The angle from goal between the pass and the shot
  2. The change of direction of the puck
  3. The speed of the puck after the shot

Greater angle, change of direction and/or speed increases the chances of the puck going into the net. Lesser angle, change of direction and/or speed decreases the chance of the puck going into the net.

Either way, the one-timer enjoys a greater success rate than a one-on-one shot between shooter and goalie. This is especially true in hockey video games where an artificial intelligence controls the puck and the goalie's reaction to it.

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