We already knew tape, vinyl and cassette simulators, but Lese is trying a new approach with Codec, a plug-in simulating a bad internet connection. Thus, your signal is compressed and degraded as if you had the same quality of wifi from a high mountain refuge in the middle of a snowstorm. You have the following settings:

Loss: In this plug-in, the signal is divided into blocks of 10 to 20 seconds. Loss sets the amount of packets affected by the degradation algorithm

The choice between Random, Smooth and Repeat modes, which define how the blocks will be fed back into the signal

Bitrate: Controls the degree of compression. The lower this parameter is, the smaller the block size will be.

Bandwidth, which is used to set the bandwidth over which the effect is applied

Crunch Amount, which configures the amount of distortion introduced

Crunch Frequency and Crunch Bandwidth, to set the center frequency and bandwidth of this distortion

Codec is available on Mac (Intel and M1) and Windows, in AU and VST3 formats. You can find it for free on the Lese website.