A few days ago, IK Multimedia announced that it had developed a new modeling algorithm, AI Machine Modeling. We understand better why since this morning. Indeed, the brand has unveiled the forthcoming release of the Tonex ecosystem, entirely based on this new algorithm. It’s up to you, therefore, to model your favorite effects and amplification chain, thanks to one of the 3 versions of the software:

Tonex SE, which includes 200 presets (or Tone Models), 20 virtual amps, 10 software pedals, all for a pre-order price of €119.99

Tonex, which has 400 Tone Models, 40 amps and 20 pedals, for a pre-order price of €179.99

Tonex Max, which includes 1,000 Tone Models, 100 amps and 50 pedals, for the modest sum of €299.99 (pre-order price still)

Whichever version you choose, you will have access to all the elements allowing the creation of your own Tone Models, and unlimited downloading of Tone Models designed by other members of the ToneNET community. Also note that Tonex will integrate with all versions of AmpliTube.


The brand also announced that an external audio interface will be available, called Tonex Capture. This will have the following characteristics:

One line level input on 6.35 mm jack

A second audio input on 6.35 mm jack

One line level output on XLR

An audio output on 6.35 mm jack to connect to an external speaker

An audio output on 6.35 mm jack to connect to an amp

Several connection configurations are possible, you will find them in detail on the IK Multimedia website. The Tonex Capture will come with 1,000 Tone Models, 100 Amps and 50 Pedals, for a pre-order price of €299.99. The prices advertised in this article include taxes. For more information, visit the IK Multimedia website.