Why Facebook advertising ?

The Facebook advertising manager will allow you to create targeted advertisements. This way, you can reach different audiences and improve your digital goals (conversions). These conversions can be very diverse: downloading an application, watching a video, visiting a site, making a purchase, subscribing to a list, and many others.

When creating a Facebook advertising campaign, the creation of audiences (targeted segments) can be carried out according to many criteria: the place of residence or passage, age, centers of interest, the page visited on your site a few days earlier, and many other criteria.

The powerful tool

Mastering Facebook Ads, its tools and its techniques makes it possible to spread the right messages, at the right time, to the right people. Ads are more relevant to the people who see them and deliver real results: it lowers acquisition costs and increases conversions.

Mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) are an integral part of the lives of connected people. More than 700 million of them visit Facebook every day on their phone or tablet. Facebook Mobile ads are inserted into their “news feed”, on Instagram, in audience networks (partners) or elsewhere alongside the news of their loved ones and interests. These Facebook ads have many advantages when viewed on the mobile of Internet users over desktop ads. Indeed, mobile devices are now an integral part of the process of discovering new goods and services.

The dashboard

With Facebook Ads analysis tools, it is possible to measure and improve the impact of advertisements in real time. This therefore makes it possible to be able to make the best decisions to better reach customers and increase sales.
In the ad manager and power editor, you have at your disposal:

  • A dashboard which indicates the advertising broadcast, the calendar and the amount spent.
  • The number of interactions with your advertisements.
  • Tools for modifying current advertisements to improve them.

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