Ultimate Product Research Guide | How to Find Hot Dropshipping Products

Hey everyone! In this video, I show you absolutely everything that you need to know about product research for dropshipping in 2019-2020. Specifically, I cover five different methods to find hot selling products and give an in-depth breakdown of what a winning product looks like based on my experience.

I start by breaking down what a winning product is into four main factors. I also show you an example of a winning product to apply these four factors in practice and help you get a better understanding of what to look for in products.

Then, I show you two different product research methods that use Facebook. The first one involves tailoring your Facebook feed to be shown more ads using a pixel “hack”. The second one involves searching for common dropshipping keywords to find popular ads. I also show you how to take both these product research methods further by spying on your competitors.

Next, I show you how to do product research using AliExpress. I also show you how to use the AliExpress dropshipping center to get more product suggestions and access in-depth analytics for specific products.

The fourth product research method I show you involves following Instagram pages that do promotions, which I call “promo pages”. This allows you to see more ads on Instagram and see which products are constantly being advertised.

Lastly, I show you how to use Ecomhunt which is a product curation software. Ecomhunt posts two new products every day which are proven to sell well. This is the “lazy” product research method that allows you to stay up to date with recent winning products without having to go through the other methods I talk about in this video. 

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